Mobile Wellbeing

Workshop at NordiCHI 2016


Mattias Rost is a postdoctoral researcher in School of Computing Science at University of Glasgow. His research interests cover mobile media sharing, location based services, app development, and data analysis of app usage. He designs, builds, and studies systems in use. He recently lead two projects related to the workshop theme: the first one investigated how overall phone use can be altered by introducing delays, and the second one investigated phone use at night.

John Rooksby is a research associate at the University of Glasgow, UK. He is interested in the human and “lived” aspects of computing, particularly how mobile technology and personal data can help people make sense of everyday life. His work on personal tracking has been published in CHI and other leading venues for Human Computer Interaction research. In 2015 he led the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance’s research challenge on “UX for mHealth”.

Alexandra Weilenmann is associate professor in applied information technology at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her research is concerned with the use of mobile communication and information technologies, focusing on how these technologies are brought into play as part of everyday activities. She has studied mobile technology use among many user groups, including hunters, journalists, airport personnel, professional drivers, teenagers and museum visitors. Recent work deals with the use of mobile technology in the mental health domain, with a particular focus on mindfulness and meditation practices.

Thomas Hillman is assistant professor of information technology and learning at the University of Gothenburg. His research investigates tool mediated learning in a wide variety in contexts with a particular interest in the ways people reconfigure technologies as part of epistemic practices. He has contributed to leading publications across disciplines including Learning Sciences, HCI and Health Sciences. Thomas is currently involved in a project exploring the possibilities of digital technologies as tools for learning mental health wellness.

Pål Dobrin is a meditation instructor and certified as a teacher in Cultivating Emotional Balance and Mindfulness in Education. His work combines knowledge from western psychology and eastern wisdom with a focus on helping people achieving balance in their everyday life. He runs the company Empaticus that produces digital tools for personal development and has designed several apps for focused, mindful meditation. He is also working with teacher education for the integration of empathetic skills in schools.

Juan Ye is a lecturer in School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews, UK. Her research interests reside in behaviour-changing applications, designing and developing knowledge- and learning-hybrid techniques in human activity recognition, with speciality in ontologies, context modelling and reasoning, and uncertainty reasoning techniques. She received her Ph.D. degree from University College Dublin in 2009.